Tremissis AB har 1 annan verksamhet i Sverige. Det som ligger närmast Lundskontoret är Tremissis AB i Lund.


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1.4 g. Rome. D N ANASTASIVS P F AVG, pearl-diademed, draped, cuirassed bust right. / VICTORA ACVSTORN, Victory walking right, head turned left, holding wreath and cross on globe. Star in left and right fields. BMC Vandals 9; Hahn MIB 36-11.

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Obv: Bust r. with semi-spiked hair and a large pellet chin, crown or diadem indicated by a large "J" of pellets, pellet collar; SIςIBER-oRIx.


In the West, therefore, a more continuous tradition is maintained. At Trier the VPW tremissis series (383–395) replaces the VPW 1½ scripulum issues which ceased in 378. The same is true for Aquileia where the VPW tremissis of 383 replaces a VPW 1½ scripulum of 378–383.

Tremissis AB ÖSTRA MÅRTENSGATAN 19 223 61 Lund Visa fler bolag på denna adress Tremissis definition is - a Byzantine triens or a similar gold coin of early western Europe.

341, Tomasini# gr. JI5-230 That makes the film’s emotional perspective intriguing: This is a movie whose dramatic high point turns on the discovery of a “Merovingian tremissis” — a tiny gold coin — and what that says about AV Tremissis, 1.46 gm.
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De  Baduila, AV Tremissis, · 'Hildebad', AR 1/4 Siliqua, · Witigis, AR 1/2 Siliqua, · Witigis, AV Solidus, · Theodahad, Æ 40 Nummi (Follis), · Athalaric, AR 1/4 Siliqua,  AU Tremissis, 650-680, Dorestad.

Vinstmarginalen för Tremissis AB ligger på 38,2 % och placerar bolaget på plats 81 071 i Sverige av 650 029 I Lund finns det 43 revisorer eller auktoriserade revisorer varav Tremissis AB är en bra revisor.
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Revisorer, övriga. Visar 1 - 10 av 27 resultat. Tremissis AB. Östra Mårtensgatan 19 , 223 61 LUND Tel: 046 - 125562. Branscher: Revisorer, övriga · Softlynx AB.

Very fine condition. The coin is holed and has the first slabon that is used as a #Saxongold #Metaldetecting #ShortsMerovingian Gold Tremissis 585-675ADFound metal detecting in NorfolkAs seen in Sutton Hoo discovery, similar coin .. Tremissis definition is - a Byzantine triens or a similar gold coin of early western Europe.

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Hitta information om Tremissis AB. Adress: Östra Mårtensgatan 19, Postnummer: 223 61. Telefon: 046-12 55 ..

Quick Reference. A small Late Roman and Byzantine gold coin, worth one-third of a solidus with a weight  We use cookies to make our website work more efficiently, to provide you with more personalised services or advertising to you, and to analyse traffic on our  Auction prices. Values for Ancient Coins. Gold Tremissis. 2 lots sold since 2003. The tremissis or tremis (Greek: τριμίσιον, trimision) was a small solid gold coin of Late Antiquity. Its name, meaning "a third of a unit", formed by analogy with  tremissis: A coin of late Ancient Rome , worth one third of a solidus .