Each request by a Letter of Credit Obligor for the issuance or amendment of a Letter of Credit shall be deemed to be a representation by such Letter of Credit Obligor that the L/C Credit Extension so requested complies with the conditions set forth in the proviso to the preceding sentence.


In divorce law, the obligor is the parent that is required to pay the child support or alimony to the other parent. The obligee is the parent who receives the 

Entry: Date: Case No. File No. The obligee has paid for noncovered medical expenses that have been incurred on behalf of the child. 3. The obligor has not paid all or part of the child's  Landlord obligee tenant obligor assignor and delegator 3 rd party assignee and from BLAW 3201 at Louisiana State University. Commutative vs.

Obligor vs obligee

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BLOOD/GENETIC TESTING to assist the court in determining paternity of the child(ren) (#_____) is hereby ORDERED. The three parties in a surety bond contract are the principal (usually a contractor), an obligee (a hiring company), and an obligor meaning (a financial company). The obligor is a company that sells bonds, and sometimes insurance policies as well, to principals who must be bonded in order to bid on projects offered by obligees. When you no longer provide income to the obligor, you shall notify the obligee, {name} --, {address} --, and provide the obligor's last known address and the name and address of the obligor's new payor, if known, utilizing the form contained within the Income Withholding Order/Notice for Support. In divorce law, the obligee is the parent that is ordered to receive the child support or alimony from the other parent. The obligor is the parent who makes the payment to the other parent.

Obligor definition, a person who is bound to another. See more.

The importance of legal concepts versus the importance of contents and on the will of the obligor or whether the actions of the obligee may  be ~d to vara tvungen att, böra; obligee [ablidji:'] jur. tillmötesgående (to mot); obligor [abliga:'] jur.

Obligor vs obligee

Styldigt , ftraffwärdigt . to Oblige , v . a . Förbinda , forpligta , bart , m Kilojler : Obligée , s . Den åt hwilfen förskrif Obligor le Obliger . Obscène , adj . Dhdfwijl 

Petitioner/Plaintiff vs. portion of the obligor's net income is uncertain as to source, time of payment,  Jun 25, 2019 AND/OR [circle appropriate choice] the Child Support Obligor's cash medical support obligation is deviated by  Jun 4, 2018 The Obligor is ordered to pay child support to the Obligee in a Child support can be paid by income deduction from an Obligor's work,  “Commencement Date” is the date when Obligor's obligation to pay Contract Payments begins.

Code, art. 3522, No. 11. 2.
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obligated mean? Learn the definition of Obliged vs. obligated & other commonly used words, phrases, & idioms in the English language.

obligee — ob li*gee ([o^]b l[i^]*j[=e] ), n. Bond obligor requests may be sent to: Likewise, if the obligor is spending more time with the child, they may petition the court for a reduction or even a reversal in support payments.
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(1) In general, the party who has primary custody of the children shall be the obligee of a child support order. (2) When the parties share custody of the children equally, the party with the higher income shall be the obligor as provided in Rule 1910.16-4 (c) (2). Explanatory Comment—1999

Definition: (v. t.) To bring or place under obligation, moral or legal; to hold by a constraining motive.

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obligor meaning: 1. a person or group who must give something such as a payment or benefit to someone, according to…. Learn more.

2. Obligors are joint and several. They are joint when they agree to pay the obligation jointly, and then the survivors only are liable upon it at law, but in equity the assets of … obligor meaning: 1. a person or group who must give something such as a payment or benefit to someone, according to…. Learn more. The difference between obligor and obligations is that „obligor” is the party bearing a legal obligation to another party and „obligations” is the act of binding oneself by a social, legal, or moral tie to someone.